Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paula Deen: The Savannah Satan!

Having just celebrated Father's Day with my two teenage kids, I, like millions of American men took to our patios and Weber grills to prepare a Sunday meal. In my home, food has always played a central role of family bonding, social interaction, and fun.

Once in awhile, when not attending to my kids or my clinic, I'll flip on the Food Channel, and try to find a new spin on my trusty crock pot regimen. Most of these shows are entertaining, and informative. However, the recipes of Paula Dean are truly toxic to human physiology. Now, don't get me wrong! I like "Mac & Cheese" as well as any other red-blooded American. But by the time she's done greasing the pan, oiling the macaroni, inserting the two sticks of butter, and dolloping the whipping cream, most coronary care units south of the Mason-Dixon line would be on "fly-by".

I was most dismayed, when a recent episode dedicated to cooking on a budget for "po' folk" suggested a meal of fried catfish, pork and beans, double-buttered corn on the cob, and egg-yolk custard for dessert. All, according to Paula, costing mere pennies. Of course, she neglected to mention that the cholesterol and diabetic drugs which would attend such a repast would easily offset any monetary savings. Moreover, in my opinion, poor folk , with much greater prevalence of obesity, diabetes, heart attack and, stroke, can ill afford this menu!

A really novel approach would be to take the culinary highlights of southern cooking and apply them to more contemporary philosophies of health. Truly, I am not a party pooper! I just believe that if you are going to the bank making millions off of your culinary heritage, then you should offer something up better than a greasy spoon.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, Dr. Gelblum.

November 05, 2008 9:57 AM


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