Monday, August 18, 2008

Dop-ing is a chinese province near Beijing

Any contender for Olympic gold must be well aware that all manner of athletic body fluids are closely scrutinized for the presence of manufactured compounds which could artificially enhance prowess and performance.

Doping compounds have been around ever since the Aztecs chewed Coca leaves to amplify high-altitude rock dredging; or the Indians smoked tobacco for enhanced mental acuity

Nowadays, various pharmaceutical compounds such as Epotin -- typically employed by hematologists to boost bone marrow production of red cells in cancer victims -- has been found in the urine of now-defrocked cyclists who hoped to gain an aerobic edge over their non-hyperemic colleagues. Fortunately, the International Olympic Committee has firmly put their foot down in a resolute forbid of artificial physical boosters.

With the recent revelations that Chinese officials utilized computer-enhanced graphics for the opening ceremony's televised fireworks display; and the admission of voice-dubbing of the adorable 9-year-old songstress -- seems the real vocalist had teeth deemed too askew for a perfect "Chinese face", I believe that the Chinese are guilty of television doping -- or even duping!

Clearly, the intent of Olympic competition has always been to foster un-adulterated physical competition between contestants. Although with Aquaman-inspired synthetic body suits now available to present day swimmers, I wonder how such champion predecessors as Mark Spitz would have fared had they been availed of these high-tech textiles.

Nevertheless, the Chinese visual presentations of that which is not, certainly violate the Olympic spirit of objectivity. You'd think that with 5000 years of recorded history to draw upon, they would not have to resort to latter-day trickery.

I'll certainly be looking forward to London 2012. Perhaps our television screens will display less computer generated Mandarin razzle-dazzle and a bit more British restraint. I'll definitely be anticipating a creaky nod from Queen Elizabeth as she reposes in the royal box -- wrinkled skin, crappy teeth, arthritic joints, and all. And at least you'll know her jewelry will be the real thing!

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